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[ 23 Jun 2010 | Posted by: Denise Comments Off on Organize, Haul, Sell]

I can Clear Out the Clutter,
Take it Away,
and SELL it for You!

Þ Are you sick and tired of not  finding the things you need, too much  clutter?
 Þ Are you a caregiver for a Senior loved one who needs to downsize?
Þ Are you too busy to do the needed sorting, hauling, and selling?
Þ Do you have a family home or estate to deal with?
Þ Moving? Need help getting ready or unpacking?
Þ Have things you no longer need or want but don’t want to “just throw   them in the trash?”
Stop Feeling Overwhelmed.
Help is a Phone Call Away!
Denise Pask
Call 517-260-6879 …

[ 8 Apr 2010 | Posted by: Denise Comments Off on Titles and Descriptions Sell Your Stuff]

One of the keys to successful selling on eBay or other classified sites is writing a good Title and Descriptions for the items you are selling. If people can’t find your item from a search or they read your description and go “Huh?” you probably aren’t going to be selling too much stuff.
Before I write the Title and Description for an item, I make a list of all the words I can think of that describe the item. The color, shape, style, brand name, make, model, year, how many, antique, …

[ 17 Mar 2010 | Posted by: Denise Comments Off on Researching Items on eBay]

So you cleaned out your closet and now you have something to sell but you’re not sure if eBay is the way to go for that particular item. Well, I recommend searching for the item, or something very similar, on eBay before listing it. I do this for 4 reasons:
ü To find out what category most sellers are using for their listing
ü To see what average price & shipping costs sellers are charging for the item
ü To determine how many other items like mine are for sale
ü To see if …

[ 4 Mar 2010 | Posted by: Denise Comments Off on Good Photos Get Great Results]

Good Photos Get Great Results
When it comes to listing and selling items online, Pictures Are
Important! Always take several good digital photos of your items from
slightly different angles. Shoppers are more likely to bid on and buy
your items for sale if they can look at multiple pictures. The photos
should show all the features of the item- Experiment with the close-up
options on your camera to get the best pictures of smaller items that
have a lot of details.

You really should take more than one picture; usually the front and
back, a close-up of any …

[ 6 Sep 2009 | Posted by: Denise Comments Off on PayPal and Your Credit Card]

Setting up a credit card account with PayPal will give you the option to purchase items right away while you are waiting for the confirmation deposited to you checking or savings account. You can deposit money or pay for purchases in your PayPal account with the credit card you register. No one receives your credit card number or bank account info except for PayPal.

If you have good credit, now would be a good time to apply for a PayPal Plus Credit Card. You may also apply for a PayPal Debit …