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Good Photos Get Great Results

4 March 2010 Posted by: Denise Comments Off on Good Photos Get Great Results

Good Photos Get Great Results

When it comes to listing and selling items online, Pictures Are
Important! Always take several good digital photos of your items from
slightly different angles. Shoppers are more likely to bid on and buy
your items for sale if they can look at multiple pictures. The photos
should show all the features of the item- Experiment with the close-up
options on your camera to get the best pictures of smaller items that
have a lot of details.

Good Photo/Bad Photo Example

You really should take more than one picture; usually the front and
back, a close-up of any names, words or markings, and any cool features
that would be of interest to a potential buyer. Be sure to include a
decent photo of any blemishes on the item so the buyer is fully aware
of the condition of the item before they buy. Shoppers will often buy a
“less than perfect” item they truly want because they have seen all
sides of an item in multiple photos.

Taking great pictures of items is made much easier if you set up an
area for taking photos. In the corner of a spare room, I have a table
set up with a piece of material that I have tacked to the wall. This
little “eBay Studio” makes an excellent background for taking pictures.
I purchased 2 yards of white silky material and 2 yards of black
material at the fabric store and I only paid $1.00 per yard.

Backdrop Examples

I use 2 different colors because taking a photo of something white on a
white background is a neat trick of invisibility but it won’t sell your
item. And amazingly enough, the same thing goes for a black item on a
black background. You could also use a sheet, towel, tee shirt as the
back ground but make sure the surroundings are clear of clutter. I have
seen pictures of listed items on top of the washer with dirty laundry
or on a table with all their junk in the background.

Good Sellers Tip: You want a lot of people to look at your photos and
buy your item. But taking a picture of the item on your kitchen table
with your husband in the background wearing his old boxer shorts and
drinking a beer… Well, I think you know what I mean. This can distract
the potential buyer from looking at the item and “a distracted buyer
always says no” to a purchase.

Lighting your photo area is best done with overhead lights and a desk
lamp. Play around with your lighting setup and take pictures until you
get good results. Sometimes pictures come out bad, so just retake them
until you’re satisfied. Also, use the photo editor that came with your
camera or computers to fix photos that are too dark or light, need
sharpened, etc.

In closing, the clearer the photos of the item are, the easier it is to
sell. Remember: “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” or at least a few
bucks on eBay!

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