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PayPal and Your Credit Card

6 September 2009 Posted by: Denise Comments Off on PayPal and Your Credit Card

Setting up a credit card account with PayPal will give you the option to purchase items right away while you are waiting for the confirmation deposited to you checking or savings account. You can deposit money or pay for purchases in your PayPal account with the credit card you register. No one receives your credit card number or bank account info except for PayPal.

If you have good credit, now would be a good time to apply for a PayPal Plus Credit Card. You may also apply for a PayPal Debit Card so you may use the funds in your account without transferring them to a bank account but you will have to wait until your PayPal account has been open for 60 days. Both of these are optional but the debit card really is convenient. Refer to PayPal for their added features and fees.

I have found that PayPal is the easiest and safest way to make and receive payments on the web. You can send money to family and friends or your son or daughter in college. Give the kid a debit card and control their monthly spending with your deposits-if there is money is in the account, they can use it just like a MasterCard. When the funds run out, your student might visit home for a meal (and to beg for more money, no doubt!).

A few final thoughts…
When you sign in to your PayPal account you can track payments sent and received. There are tabs at the top to Send Money or Request Money from anyone who has a PayPal account. With Merchant Services, you can put payment buttons on your own site for free and a whole lot more. Surf around the site and check out all that PayPal has to offer.

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