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Researching Items on eBay

17 March 2010 Posted by: Denise Comments Off on Researching Items on eBay

So you cleaned out your closet and now you have something to sell but you’re not sure if eBay is the way to go for that particular item. Well, I recommend searching for the item, or something very similar, on eBay before listing it. I do this for 4 reasons:

ü To find out what category most sellers are using for their listing

ü To see what average price & shipping costs sellers are charging for the item

ü To determine how many other items like mine are for sale

ü To see if similar items have recently sold, how many & the final price

This will help you decide if it’s worth your time and the money for listing fees to sell this item on eBay. For example, I have a small Avon goblet and wondered if it was worth listing. When I did the research described above, I found that there were over 50 of them for sale and the lowest price started at $.50 and nothing had sold. I decided it was a waste of time & money to put up for sale on eBay and instead, put it in the box for Goodwill- they will probably get a buck or two for it at their store.

Good Karma Tip: Always donate items not well suited for selling on eBay to your favorite charity such as Goodwill, AMVETS, Salvation Army, etc. You will be doing a good deed for your community, getting a possible tax deduction and as a bonus, it will make you feel great!

Another item I had was an old glass milk bottle, my husband put his change in it, I did a search on it and found one like mine for sale and two others that had recently sold for $71.00 and $63.00 with starting bids for $9.99. I figured this was a good item to put up for sale so I put my milk bottle up for sale at a starting price of $20.00 and it ended up selling for $63.50 plus shipping. Cha Ching! Needless to say my husband had to find a new change container. Let me show you how to do this by going to eBay and do a search for the item (Milk Bottle). Check out the video below to see how it’s done:

First, check to see how many, if any similar items have sold and what they sold for. On the side bar under “Show Only” click in the box next to “Completed Listings”. If you have not logged in you will be required to do it now. All the listings that have ended will show up so look for listings of items that recently sold. If an item was sold, there will be a green “Sold” under the bid or “But It Now” price. You will also see how many bids were on the item and what it sold for if it was an Auction.

Click on the sold item and look at the category that the item has been listed in. This will be at the top of the page of the listed item. Also, don’t forget to look at what the shipping cost was. You can find out what the starting price was on the item by clicking on the bid history. This will show you the starting price and all the bids on that item.

Now you are able to collect information which will help you determine whether or not your item is worth putting up for sale, the category to list your item in, ideas for your description from their description and approximate shipping costs. I have found 5 minutes of research can take most of the mystery out of selling an item on eBay.

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