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Titles and Descriptions Sell Your Stuff

8 April 2010 Posted by: Denise Comments Off on Titles and Descriptions Sell Your Stuff

One of the keys to successful selling on eBay or other classified sites is writing a good Title and Descriptions for the items you are selling. If people can’t find your item from a search or they read your description and go “Huh?” you probably aren’t going to be selling too much stuff.

Before I write the Title and Description for an item, I make a list of all the words I can think of that describe the item. The color, shape, style, brand name, make, model, year, how many, antique, vintage, size, what it is made of, who it is made by and where it came from (estate sale, grandmothers, you purchased it, etc. ). Think of what words you would use to search for that item then do a search on the listing site. If you find items like yours then you know what words people are searching for when they want that item.

Most listing sites limit the length of the title of your item. eBay only allows you to have 55 characters (including spaces) in your listing title and you should always use as many of the characters as you can. For example, I had 4 photo frames I wanted to sell so I thought of all the ways someone might search for my photo frame. I wanted to use words like picture, photo and words that were associated with the item like Irish and shamrock.

Irish Photo Frame

This is the listing title I created for the photo frame: “Shamrock Irish Family Photo Picture Frame New”. In this title it tells you that it is new, it is Irish, for the family, it is for photos and a frame. This photo frame could also be listed as “St Patrick’s Day Irish Family Photo Picture Frame” which you could list 2 – 4 weeks before St Patrick’s Day. The title may also help you decide on a category for your item for sale.

Now let’s write the description for our item. When you searched earlier to see if you picked a good title for your item, hopefully you found a few items other people were selling or have sold. Take a look at those items, especially the ones with lots of bids, and read their descriptions for ideas on how to write yours. Then use the list you made about your item to write the description.

Make sure you include information in the description about the item such as:

  • is it new or used, with or without box, how many you have for sale
  • is it battery operated or hard-wired
  • in need of repair, missing any parts
  • what it is made out of
  • does it come with extras or bonuses


 Be sure you list any scratches, bumps, nicks, chips, cracks, tears, holes or blemishes on the item. This will save you from upsetting your buyers, who may want a refund and who will probably give you a poor Seller Rating.

Below is the actual description I wrote for the “St Patrick’s Day Irish Family Photo Picture Frame”. I run this listing on eBay, and a few other classified sites every February- it never fails to get bids and always produces sales.


This is a NEW Family Photo Frame with the words “God Bless This Irish Family” in yellow with different size green shamrocks or clovers. They are not personalized as shown in the picture. It measures 7” x 9” and holds a 5.5” x 3.5” photo. This is made of resin and includes hardware to hang it or a fold out stand.

A final bit of advice: Make sure you always write descriptions in Word or some other word processor and save all your descriptions in a file. You may be able to use them for similar items you sell in the future.

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